Curtain Dry Cleaning

Curtain dry cleaning is the dry cleaning of your curtains in your home or office using specialist cleaning materials and a dry cleaning service. We attend the property, remove your curtains, take them to our specialist dry cleaner where the curtains are professionally dry cleaned. We will then return to your home and hang the curtains back up. Our competitors do not offer this service.

The benefit or this is that it will remove all odours including damp and cigarettes. It removes the microscopic particles which promotes a healthier and cleaner environment. Dry cleaning also eliminates the possibility of shrinkage and stains have a much higher chance of being removed when compared to using a washing machine. The curtains will also be pressed to give it that fresh new look.

Get in touch now for a free quote by contacting us today by email, telephone or by completing the online form. We dry clean curtains in areas all around London and Kent including Beckenham, Greenwich and Welling.

How Long Will It Take For You To Dry Clean My Curtains?

We will collect, dry clean and hang your curtains back up normally within 2-3 working days.

Do I Really Need To Dry Clean My Curtains? Isn’t It Better To Steam Clean Them Or Put Them In The Washing Machine?

Most curtain cleaning companies will only steam clean your curtains. They will not dry clean them as they don’t have the resources or facilities. The advantages of steam cleaning are that the whole process normally takes 1-2 hours and the curtains do not need to be removed. The disadvantages are that it does not eliminate all odours and most stains are unlikely to be removed. It is also unlikely that the natural colour of the curtain will be brought back to life. The percentage of bacteria removed is significantly less when compared with dry cleaning.

If you use a washing machine the lining is very likely to shrink as not many curtains are washing machine safe. The likelihood of damage is very high so this method is very rarely recommended.

Do I Need To Provide You With Any Cleaning Materials?

No you do not have to provide us with any cleaning materials. We have the facilities, the correct products and tools to dry clean your curtains professionally.

How Much Will It Cost To Have My Curtains Dry Cleaned?

The price will vary depending on the actual curtain but factors taken in to consideration are the type of fabric, the length, the width and the weight. Contact us now for a free quote. If you live in London or Kent and need your curtains professionally dry cleaned then please get in touch for a free quote.


Let Us Dry Clean Your Curtains

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